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Great meals, no mess.

Meet the stainless steel pan that you’ll never have to clean.

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PanTastic stainless steel pans use quick-seal disposable inserts, so you never have to wash them. Simply remove and dispose when you’re done cooking!

How it Works

How it Works 1

Attach the Insert

Line up the insert on the pan’s easy pegs.

How it Works 2

Squeeze the Handle

Our patented Quick-Seal system wraps the insert tightly to your pan. You now have a disposable cooking surface.

How it Works 3

Cook Something Yummy

Steam, saute, and stir-fry to your heart’s delight. Plate the food and enjoy.

Dispose of Insert

Release the Insert

Flip the pan atop the trash, and press the Quick-Release button for easy disposal of food waste. No more scrubbing!

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Cook like a pro, clean like a wizard.

Cook like a pro, clean like a wizard.

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    High Performing

    High quality stainless steel surface heats quickly and evenly.

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    Safe and Clean

    Unlike non-stick options, stainless steel pans don’t leach chemicals, flake off material, or retain odors.

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    Easy Setup

    Placing the inserts is easy: just set, squeeze, and go.

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    Even Easier Cleanup

    Once you’re done cooking, squeeze once more to release and dispose of the insert.

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  • “Quick, easy, works. All the fun of cooking, without the pain of cleaning.”

    Linda Medhelson, Chef
  • “Cooking is a joy again.”

    Melinda McCoy, Mom
  • “A great alternative to traditional non-stick pans, which may cause cancer.”

    Dr. Reginald Greene, Global Health Advocate
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How does PanTastic work?

PanTastic uses an internal suction mechanism to vacuum seal the stainless foil inserts to the base of the pan. By releasing the vacuum, the inserts can be removed easily and disposed along with the food waste, so your pan never gets dirty.

Are the inserts safe to eat from?

Yes! The foil inserts are made from the same stainless steel as the pan. No fancy chemicals or adhesives are used.

How do the inserts seal so tightly?

The inserts seal using a simple vacuum pump, which removes all the air between the pan and the insert.

How hot can it get?

As hot as a typical stainless steel pan. You can cook anything you like.

Can I cook on the pan without an insert?

Yes, but doing so risks scratching the pan, which could keep the vacuum from forming properly the next time you do use an insert. Tread carefully if you cook without inserts.

Are the inserts recyclable?

Yes, in some districts. Check with your local authority to find out if stainless steel foil can be recycled.

Where can I get PanTastic?

PanTastic pans are currently only available online for direct delivery.

Where can I get PanTastic Inserts?

Inserts are also available by delivery from this site. They can be purchased individually, or as a subscription.

Say goodbye to scrubbing!

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